Own a part of racing history.

Get in on the action, participate as an owner and a fan, get closer to the sport and the athletes.


Season 4 racing starts in June!
We are targeting to close this raise in March 2023. Limited time and investor availability.

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Why Become a SailGP Team Owner

Key reasons for you to invest and become a team owner

Make History

Be among the first to change the game of sports ownership - put yourself at the helm.

The Owner Community

Connect with fellow fans and owners as you collaborate on proposals, feedback, ideas, and voting on meaningful team operations.

Unique Experiences

Special events and travel experiences that are uniquely designed for the fan owner, from on the water opportunities to digital exclusives.

A New Kind of Ownership

Your voice is heard and amplified within the community with unique governance and voting rights.

High-Tech, Up-Close Racing

Access special race data and content, real time from anywhere in the world, and attend races and owner parties in person.

Colorful Caribbean Excitement

The first professional sports team to represent this vibrant and exciting region.

Investment Highlights

  • > Exclusive Bermuda and Caribbean Team Territory
  • > $35 Million being raised
  • > Close the raise in time to participate in SailGP Season 4
  • > Ownership Limited to 1,950 Investors

Join the Team:

Purchase from 1-40 Tokens at $5,000 per token and get ownership governance, voting rights and an equity stake in any profit distributions and enterprise appreciation.

About SailGP

SailGP is the world’s most exciting racing on water. The global championship features national teams battling in short, intense races at iconic stadium-style venues across the globe. The high-tech, high-speed action features sailing’s best athletes racing in identical hydrofoiling F50 catamarans, flying at speeds approaching 100 km/h. SailGP also races for a better future, championing a world powered by nature. Visit for more information.


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