NBA All-Star Baron Davis Agrees to Invest in Fan Owned SailGP Racing Team

Former professional basketball player and entrepreneur joins innovative pro sports-ownership movement

JACKSON, Wyo. — July 24, 2023 —, a place for fans to “invest in what they love,” today announced entrepreneur, investor and two-time All-Star NBA player Baron Davis has agreed to become the first professional athlete participant and investor in its Fan Owned SailGP Team, a new team in the global SailGP League. allows passionate fans the opportunity to invest in the ownership of various sports and entertainment entities.

“Investing in culture and having a stake in ownership alongside fans is the strongest way to engage a community,” said Davis, a 13-year NBA veteran who is a recognized entrepreneur exploring the intersection of sports, entertainment and technology. “As a former professional athlete, it's empowering to see ownership handed over to the fans.

“It’s an exciting next chapter for the future of sports, and I plan on being active in the ownership community to get the first-ever fan owned SailGP team on the water and racing.”

The new Fan Owned SailGP Team is the first professional sailing team to allow fans to both invest in a team and participate as owners (up to 1,950 investors). Through the venture, investors enjoy participatory ownership with VIP race weekends, team meetings and more, along with team governance through a hybrid decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure, leveraging the NEAR Protocol that allows voting on key proposals, from the name of the team to electing the sporting manager.

The new Fan Owned SailGP Team aims to be the 11th team in the highly competitive global sail racing league, that recently kicked off Season 4 in June in Chicago and continued with the first-ever Oracle Los Angeles Sail Grand Prix July 22-23, 2023. The season comprises 12 events and visits iconic destinations including Saint-Tropez, France; Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Bermuda, New York and San Francisco. The Fan Owned SailGP Team is expected to premiere in Season 5 (2024) and will be based in Bermuda, covering the Bermuda and Caribbean regions.

With the unique opportunity to combine passion for sports with diverse investments and globally rich experiences as team owners, fans can invest in the Fan Owned SailGP Team alongside Davis. To become a shareholder, interested fans must be an accredited investor and can commit from $5,000 to $200,000. The investment is tokenized on the NEAR Protocol to allow for potential liquidity and authentication of ownership. The launch of the Fan Owned SailGP Team is tied to the closing of the transaction.

“Baron’s extensive experience nurturing the innovative developments of new technology and athletic accomplishments aligns perfectly with our goal to transform the current state of professional sports team ownership into a unifying opportunity for athletes and fans to create a high-performance competitive team,” Bernoulli | Locke CEO and Founder David Palmer said. “As we look to further develop the Fan Owned SailGP Team image and unveil more progression along our journey to becoming the 11th SailGP team, Baron will serve as an integral part in the next era of sports ownership.”

Davis is widely praised for his entrepreneurial work across tech and Web3 sectors. His company, Baron Davis Enterprises, has launched businesses including The Black Santa Company, Business Inside the Game (BIG) and More Than Us. His latest venture, SLiC Images, is a photo and video rights management platform that aims to empower athletes-turned-creators through foundational Web3 tools for community engagement. Through his business ventures, Davis continues his mission of combining creative talent with original publication and production to provide educational and empowering stories that appeal to global audiences of all ages.

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